Meet Brother

Chef Brother Luck, an acclaimed restaurateur from Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a renowned figure in the culinary world. With a James Beard nomination under his belt, Brother has also become a fan favorite on popular cooking shows like Top Chef, Chopped, and Beat Bobby Flay. He has been featured in various publications, including Food and Wine Magazine, and has made appearances on national television programs such as The Rachael Ray Show and The Today Show.

But Brother’s influence extends beyond the kitchen. As a passionate advocate for mental health awareness, he frequently shares his journey through his highly reviewed memoir, “No Lucks Given: Life is hard but there is hope.”

Brother’s zeal for mentorship and creating a safe space for discussions about mental health is matched only by his dedication to inspiring large audiences on stage and online.

And yes, that’s his real name.


What Can Brother Do For you?

When Chef Brother Luck isn't at his restaurants, he's helping out his community and sharing his personal journey and experiences in the culinary world.


Hire Brother for your next conference, meeting or event. He's wow'ed intimate groups and crowds as large as 700.


As a successful business owner and restauranteur for over 15+ years, Brother can help your business exceed its potential.


Have a special occasion or event that you want to leave guests impressed? Brother can curate an experience that goes above and beyond.


Brother has created an online and private community for foodies and fans on Facebook. Get exclusive access to cooking classes and more.

What the luck foodie community

Chef Brother Luck invites you to join him through his culinary journey. Get discounts on merch, free classes and all access to behind the scenes.