is Sober Week?

Sober Week is an annual event that aims to promote mental health and happiness in the workplace by abstaining from substances that may hinder these goals.

This week, employees and staff in the workplace are joining forces to promote education, support, and solidarity for those seeking mental health outlets and tools to succeed. Sober Week aims to bring positive change to individuals, families, and the workplace as a whole.

Workplaces are encouraged to make positive changes and prioritize healthy decision-making through various events and lessons. These activities can range from team outings such as hiking or yoga classes, to group meetings with mental health experts to learn stress management techniques or volunteering in the community.

How Can You Implement Sober Week Into Your Workplace?

One of the pioneers of the Sober Week practice is Chef Brother Luck. He adopted it from a friend in the industry and has since implemented it in his teams every year, with great success and enjoyment. Sober Week is not limited to the hospitality industry but can be observed in any workplace. The objective is to organize team-building activities each day for a week while refraining from substance use. Employees are encouraged to share, learn and participate during this period. The key is to identify activities and events that promote the well-being of individuals. You can access our helpful one-pager to participate with your company. We wish you a happy healing experience!